Refugee Ministry

ref-yoo-gee // a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
    We are committed to seeing this mass migration of individuals and families to the city of Berlin turn out to be a blessing to the city, to the refugees themselves, and to God. We believe that God’s image is imbedded in every one of them. We seek to call forth what God is doing in them as groups and individuals by:
    • Organizing and participating in athletics at the refugee homes. This fosters good health and builds bridges between Christians and Muslims.
    • Hosting dinner parties at the YWAM base where refugees are provided with ingredients and encouraged to cook their favorite dishes for their friends. This creates a family atmosphere and restores a sense of humanity and dignity.
    • Organizing women’s care and crafts. Too many programs focus just on the men. The women tend to be left behind, not learning German nor integrating in any way. We provide opportunities for “Spa” nights and craft nights.
    • Helping families by organizing children’s activities both in the camps and in parks and at the YWAM base. We teach the children spiritual songs and coach them in athletic activities.
    • One on one witnessing and evangelism. Although we try and meet the physical and psychological needs of the people we meet, we recognize that ultimately we are here to point to Jesus. He is the only One who can really save lives, heal a family, or change a city.

    To these ends we have fostered ongoing relationships with the leadership of several refugee camps. We have integrated our efforts with a local church in order to be able to both “go deeper” and to sustain our work.