What We Do

Partnering with the Local Church:

Not going it alone, we are embracing God’s design for community in His church. To this end we run alongside the local bodies of believers, providing energy and impetus to their outreach efforts.

YWAM Base Staff:

We are members of this team. This is our core group. This collection of
committed men and women are the people we live with and minister with on a daily basis. We share a common DNA in that we have all gone through similar training and have common core values.

Refugee Ministry:

The refugee crisis is a watershed moment for the Western World. Will it continue its slide deeper and deeper into depravity? Or will we see a reformation? We believe that this influx of pilgrims from the Middle East holds the key to what God will do. You can read more about our ministry to the refugees here.


At the YWAM bases we serve and visit, in the refugee homes, and in the local church, there are many young believers who are starving for discipleship and mentoring. As we are mentored by seasoned believers ourselves, we set aside time for those whose walk with Christ is newer than our own.