Why we fundraise

Some of you may be asking why we raise money. “Why not work?” is a question missionaries, domestic and overseas, get asked frequently. And although we have not encountered this, we realize that some of you may wonder anyhow.

As full-time missionaries, we work, often much longer days than we did when we were “in the market”. Ministry work never truly ends, ask your Pastor! All of our compensation for this work is raised from individuals like you.

Currently, our monthly support level (we are so grateful for the sacrifices of so many of you) is too low to be able to afford even a modest lifestyle whenever emergencies or unexpected ministry priorities arise. We continue to seek partners to alleviate this and help us focus even more on the work God gives us.

But we will probably never stop fundraising completely. We find it to be one of the best ways to offer people a chance to take part in what we are doing!