An Unconventional God

This update, recently sent to our prayer team, is so exciting, we want to share it with everyone within earshot! Of course, we also need to be cautious. Feel free to forward privately, but please do not repost on your Facebook wall.

Here are some actual quotes from the woman who runs the refugee camp where we have concentrated all of our efforts this summer. They are lifted right out of a voice message she sent to us just a few days ago. She is referring to the refugee camp when she says:

  “So many people are now saying that they are now Christians”

  “In general, … 30% now say they are Christians”

  “How much they know is unclear, but they know the simple gospel”

 “We need to disciple them somehow”

What a mighty God we serve!! That a camp of 220 people, that was 99% Muslim just 8 months ago, now has 30% of their population confessing Jesus Christ!

I want to let all of you know and to understand, that you have a part in this, that your partnership has helped to make this possible. God has used your time, treasure, and prayers in support of our family to make a huge impact in a lost place.

As we begin to wrap up our visit to the States, we realize that while we may not have been able to connect with all of you here, we are connected to you in our prayers, and in yours as well.

Just a few prayer points for all of you:

  1. PRAISE!!! We want to shout this from the rooftops. It is important to celebrate the victories.
  2. GRATITUDE!! That we can be a part of what God is doing. The leader of the camp acknowledges that the dozens of short term missionaries we have brought in contributed greatly to the atmosphere in the camp, bringing the aroma of Christ.
  3. HUMILITY. While we are honored to be a part, we are only a part. God is at work through us and others. It is God who is drawing the refugees to himself. It is His glory and goodness that attracts.
  4. WISDOM. We know that not all confessions are necessarily coming from a place of faith. We also know the importance of discipleship, of getting people into the Word and having a relationship with the savior.
  5. STRATEGY. We need to move deeper, connecting the refugees with the God of the Bible. To this end, we will need cooperation from local German churches and other long term missionaries.
  6. MULTIPLICATION. We are dreaming big. We have relationships and established ministry in several other camps. While we shift our work in this one camp toward a deeper knowledge of Christ, we hope to see the same change of atmosphere occurring in the other camps.
  7. PROVISION. In order to sustain our current trajectory, we need to greatly increase the amount of monthly support we receive. We are believing God for this, and seeing movement!

We serve a God that is well beyond all of our conventions. He confounds our greatest expectations, and He works in ways that we would not expect because He is greater, His ways are not our ways. 

As you continue your journey as both disciples, and as disciple makers, be encouraged to know that God is on the move, that He is not at rest, and that He is good.


Sam, Angie, Will, and Katie



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