An Update from the Mrs.

The ingredients finally all assembled in my kitchen, I double checked the recipe for Grandma’s cinnamon rolls. New-to-me type of yeast, German butter, flour, zimt (I think my brain has erased the English word ‘cinnamon’ and permanently overlayed it with this German vocabulary word), salt, milk, and Zuckerrübensirup in place of dark Karo syrup. It’s an adventure […]

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My Privilege

As a White American Christian, my level of privilege places me in a bubble where it is easy to get along. And how do I get along so well in this world while others suffer? The easy answer has always been “I am lucky”. And while that may be true in a sense, it doesn’t […]

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Faith in Conflict

How good and faithful it is, for brethren to share together This week has brought a wonderful reuniting with Ron Somers from our original missionary training time (Discipleship Training School) in Kona, Hawaii and our outreach to India and Israel. It has also been a joy to meet his son-in-law, and leader of YWAM Ireland, […]

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Methods and Tribes

My friend “M’ is from all over the Middle East. He doesn’t fit most stereotypes. He is a Muslim, but he hates Islam. He goes to a Christian church but doesn’t want to be identified as a Christian. He is outgoing and speaks to several different missionaries. He is unlike anyone I have ever met. […]

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An Unconventional God

This update, recently sent to our prayer team, is so exciting, we want to share it with everyone within earshot! Of course, we also need to be cautious. Feel free to forward privately, but please do not repost on your Facebook wall. Here are some actual quotes from the woman who runs the refugee camp […]

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Love Shines in the Darkness

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” -Romans 12:21 Berlin has experienced dark times. Few places on earth have seen the darkness reign as much as this place that our family now calls home. To be fair, this is not the Berlin of the 30’s and 40’s. Nor is it the […]

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Running a refugee camp in the bureaucratic state of Germany is no small task. Doing so in Berlin just adds yet another layer of paperwork and endless meetings. Nat handles all of these pressures with aplomb. When I first met her, I didn’t know she was a believer. In a city that has fewer Christians […]

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Our teams are working in six refugee camps, four of them are what they call “Tempo-Homes”. These particular camps are a step in the right direction for so many of the families and single men that we try to minister to. But these shipping containers-cum-temporary homes lack character, their drab exteriors lack life. One of […]

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Good Friday

He was Felli and Hami’s only son. They had three daughters, and one son. Life was hard in Afghanistan, but they all had each other… until they didn’t. One moment they were a family of six, the next they were a family of five. Felli dreams about her son still. She is haunted by the […]

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