A View From The Front Lines

Here in Berlin, we don’t have a theoretical Muslim refugee situation. And although it is still highly political, there is real flesh and blood and bone to it. We have continued to invest in the refugee communities nearest us. Having a regular, reliable presence has opened the door to honest communication, good and bad. It […]

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Refugee Dreams

My friend Mohammed (not his real name) dreams of coming to America with me some day. He tells me that once he gets his German passport he wants to see where I am from. As an Afghan, he is considered an “economic refugee” (which is to say that he is not a refugee). So he […]

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Happy New Year!

It isn’t easy to pull back. It’s not easy to see where we are, much less where we are going or where we have been. Sometimes I just cannot see the forest from the trees. In  2016 we… Staffed a school in Kailua Kona Led an outreach to India Led an outreach to Berlin Established […]

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Christmas Market

William was walking just ahead of me when I noticed them. Four obviously well-trained policemen paying rapt attention to the crowd. Usually, I feel comforted by such sites, but not this time. One of them returned my gaze, and at once i had an uneasy feeling. Shrugging it off, I put my arm around my […]

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Radical Love

Radical love is what we are here to demonstrate, it is what we have received, and it is what we want to see poured out of us as we serve Jesus in the city. This story is just the latest way that God has shown us just how much ground is taken when we follow […]

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Our Apartment

Living in a city of 3,500,000 people, space to live in can be hard to come by. Add on top of that the additional pressure of 100.000 new migrants in the last year, and you have a housing crisis in the making. When we arrived here in Berlin back in May, we had planned to […]

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August Newsletter

Special Christmas ornaments, kid’s artwork, and well-loved cuddly toys; raincoats, winter clothes, and over-the-counter American medicines; hearts full of hope, bellies full of familiar foods, and support raised to hopeful levels … With suitcases stuffed with all of these treasures and more, we are headed back to Berlin. Our Summer Garage sale fundraisers, Skype calls […]

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Carnival of Cultures

His words were terse and, presumably, direct in nature. The befuddled look on his face a clear sign of misunderstanding, he took the shrugs of his would-be sexual partners personally and with more than slight indignation. I had hopped the U-line in Berlin on my way back to the YWAM base. On this particular Saturday […]

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