The Lord is my shepherd, yo!

No disrespect intended, yo!

The kids are way into a book series in which the way cool main characters use words like “yo!”.  Hence, way cool words are cropping up in our family vocabulary.

So, today I found myself getting all worked up and allowing my heart to begin to grow anxious over the preparations leading up to our family doing a Crossroads Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission in January 2015 in Kona, Hawaii.

I won’t list all the ruminations of my heart here, because looking back now I see clearly how small they seem in the light of what God is doing in our lives.

But in allowing my heart to grow anxious over these matters, I was sinning. Totally not trusting in my Abba Daddy to provide and not allowing Him to come and bring me comfort. Bad idea, yo.

I continued to fix lunch for the kids and me and get it onto the table so we could eat. I saw my current book sitting there next to my lunch and decided to unplug by reading while I ate. Looking to get lost in the story and forget about all this for awhile. But as the words swam together on the page, I felt that tug to grab the Word of God and jump into Scripture…let my heart get wrapped up in that instead. As I sat there thinking about this (and not just doing it!) one of the kids piped up out of the blue and over their hot lunch, “Hey, Mom. Would you read Psalms 23 to me while I sit here and eat my lunch? I love that one.” While the other kid called out, “Hey, Mom. Have you ever tried reading straight through2 Timothy? In one sitting? That’s a good one.”

This kind of thing doesn’t typically happen around here, yo! God was speaking, people! And He was looking right at me through a pair of dark brown eyes and light blue eyes!

And so I DID read Psalms 23 out loud to the child who asked. And I DID read through 2 Timothy all in one sitting. And my heart WAS convicted, comforted and reassured that the God of the Universe chose to deliver us from ourselves….to grab our attention in whatever means possible and stir our attentions back to Him.


Ah, the joy of turning over a matter to the care of a loving and present God and the sometimes startling ways He uses to grab our attention, yo!

One thought on “The Lord is my shepherd, yo!

  1. Love, love, love this. You are walking in a place where the Lord is free to move, to speak to live….isn’t that a wonderful place to live? I am so very proud of you..and really excited to be able to be part of the next season in your lives!

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