Katie’s Guest Blog Entry


I realized before we even consider going to Kona, Hawaii for our missions training and outreach, that we should realize how much we have before we tell other people how much God has given them. Like sometimes, I look at the Bible and think “Oh, even if I didn’t have Gods Holy Word, I would still get along fine.” But then if I tried to go on with out it, I would see that I was stuck and depressed. So before we share with other people about God, we have to realize how much He has given us.

4 thoughts on “Katie’s Guest Blog Entry

  1. Katie, you are so right. We didn’t deserve Christ, we didn’t deserve the Word of God. We deserved death. But because of Jesus and because of His Word, we have life!! Love, Daddy

  2. Katie, You are an amazing young lady..and I am so very proud of you! I know that you know Jesus and how much He loves you…and I also know that in your heart you want to tell other people how much Jesus loves them. I am praying for you today….asking Jesus to fill you up with His joy! Hugs from Grams πŸ™‚

  3. Katie, you are so right! If we don’t realize how much we are loved how can we pass that love on to others?! Please know that I’m so proud of you and your relationship with Jesus! Also, you look really cute in that picture and i like how your hat matches your boots. πŸ˜‰
    ~ Auntie Sarah

  4. Well said, Katie! I could not agree with you more. Poor, indeed, are we if we do not see God’s blessings first. We can only give what we have received….or in the case of what you wrote, what we know God has already given. Blessings on you & your family!

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