First responders!

Our first family missions newsletter is out in the USPS mail and on it’s way to YOU! If you haven’t gotten it yet, it should arrive soon! I know…now you’re not going to be able to sleep tonight just knowing it’s coming and wanting to see it’s contents right away! If you don’t get it in a normal amount of time for what it would take for mail to come to your USPS destination from Albany, NY…please let us know and we’ll pop one in the mail to you. We’d like you to see what it is that God is doing in our lives  and be given the details about how you can partner with us in what He is calling our family to!

All 4 of us played parts in getting this out (writing notes, folding papers, putting on stamps and licking the envelopes. YUM!) AND most importantly praying over each one and praying specific personal prayers over the individuals and families opening them. We wondered who would be the first person to respond and were REALLY looking forward to finding out who that would be.   

So, when I got this email today from my sweet friend and her daughter…I got a little teary eyed and may have cheered just a little. Which in turn brought the kids over to the laptop wondering what Mom was freaking out about (this time) and we all started cheering and “aww’ing” over the super cuteness involved in the picture and comments below. Be prepared to have your heart touched as well and to give up a little cheer for a sweet momma and the most awesome way she’s bringing up her own little world-changers.

“Little Miss asked what goes in your envelope and I said we can put money in there so they can tell people about Jesus in other countries. She immediately jumped up and said “oh ok where’s my money?” I told her to check her piggy bank. She dumped a bunch of coins in the envelope. I will be switching that out for check when she’s asleep:) faith like a child.”


One thought on “First responders!

  1. Love the generosity and faith of children. They don’t think about bills or groceries. They see a need and they give generously. Glad you shared it.

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