Jesus Matters

Jesus matters. There are so many broken pieces to this world. Broken lives, broken homes, broken promises … so many problems, so much heartache. Only Jesus can offer resolution. Only Jesus can truly soothe the hurting and mend the broken. He offers this to everyone. There is no catch, no fine print.

Our global age is a time when the boundaries between local and global have been not only blurred, but virtually abolished (pun intended). The 24 hour news cycle is shrinking even more, full of people (young and old) with their faces plastered to their devices, oblivious to the world around them. This has its upsides and downsides.

We are using this amazing array of communication devices to stay in touch with parts of the world that few even considered a mere 10 years ago. The plights of people from The Congo to the Ukraine, from South Sudan to North Korea are brought far more sharply into the focus of the rank and file. We are better for it.

We are also using our devices as a replacement for relationship. Instead of a letter we send an email. Instead of a phone conversation we send a text. We have Facebook friends and twitter followers, but we are losing touch with each other in very important ways. We are all becoming islands unto ourselves. Autonomous entities networked by Java and PHP. Our emotions are isolated even while our thoughts are assimilative.

But Apple didn’t design us. And Samsung cannot give us an upgrade. God made all of us the wondrous souls that we are. We have thoughts AND emotions. We connect with one another through proximity and even touch, not by C++, not really.

Yes, Jesus came to bear our sins and take them to the cross. But, more than that, He came to mend our broken relationship with our Creator. Only He can save creation. Only He can save you. Wherever you are, whatever your pain, Jesus was there when you were made. He was there when you were broken, and He stands ready to repair.

Some things are stronger once mended than they ever were before they were broken. I believe this about us. I believe that when we connect with God through Jesus Christ, we can connect with each other in a more meaningful way. I believe this for American Christians, Israeli Jews, and Syrian Muslims. I believe this for Williamsburg agnostics and L.A. Atheists. I believe it even for myself. Jesus matters.

One thought on “Jesus Matters

  1. Yes! I am so excited for you guys and the adventure before you! Not just going to new places and seeing new things but deeper into the heart of God. The Taylor’s love the Armstrong’s!

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