Jesus in the land of fear

When the Israelites were poised to go and take the land that God had promised them, they sent spies to reconnoiter and report back. When they had heard the harrowing tales of giants and fearsome enemies that occupied the land they forgot the One who drew them out of Egypt by his own mighty hand. They were afraid to the point of rebellion. The result was 40 years of suffering.

Today, our economy teeters, ISIS is in the Levant, and Ebola has reached our shores. The media wants to whip us into a frenzy and we are all too happy to oblige. We set our hearts on temporal things and we forget. Jesus is the one who brought us here. We may be a mess and we may have a mess on our hands, but the bigger picture easily escapes us. He has a plan.

He had a plan when he made all that there is, and he has a plan today. He had a plan two thousand years ago when he sent his son Jesus to face the giants for us. We cannot even begin to comprehend what he faced as he walked among us knowing he was headed for the cross, nor what he faced that day on Calvary. He suffered, he bled, and he died. But he wasn’t afraid. He knew the hand that led him and he trusted him. Shouldn’t we at least try and do the same?

Jesus wants us to live without fear (Matthew 10:26-33), at least without existential fear. We set our hearts and our hopes on Him and things eternal and we look at the world through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He rose again. He goes before us to prepare a place for us. Maranatha Lord Jesus! Come!

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