An Interview with Will


And in a moment of genius, we decided that it was time for our 10 year old son to share with us (and you) about how things are progressing lately from his perspective. The following is a short, up close & personal evening interview with a truly terrific kid.

Mom: How do you think our Fall Missions FUNdraiser went on Saturday?

Will: I think it went great! We raised about $1500 and everyone had a really great time. We also got to share the Gospel with people. It was super fun to go in the bounce house with a lot of my friends and cousins too.

Mom: We leave for our YWAM CDTS in 83 days. What are some things you’d like to see happen in this time before we leave?

Will: I’d like to know where my leopard gecko, Oscar, will be staying while I’m away and who will be caring for him. I’m also hoping to find a lot of things I’ve lost that I’m pretty sure are under my bed when I get around to cleaning under there.

Mom: What are some things you are looking forward to when we go to Hawaii and start our missions training?

Will: I am hoping to get a good underwater picture of some fish there. I’m also really hoping to make some new friends there at the missions school and maybe learn some new languages. Hebrew might come in handy.

Mom: What would you say to the people who are reading this blog post right now?

Will: Thank you very much for even considering to support us. I really appreciate that. Also, I hope that you too might try going on a missions trip some day.

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