Down to the wire

We are in the last moments of so many things and on the cusp of some very new things. It is a heady time for sure! We leave in just 9 days!!

Here are a few things that we need your prayers for:

  • Finances: We are still $14,000 short of our big financing goal. Yes, we do have some savings, but we are praying that the Lord would provide ALL that we need for our outreach through donations. This would leave our savings for emergencies and for when we get back from this trip and start gearing up for our full-time calling
  • Razoo ending: We have been blessed with a wonderful church partner who has made it possible for us to offer people the opportunity for a tax deduction on their donations given through our razoo site. This ends on December 31st. There can be no further extensions. If you have questions about this contact us.
  • Our car: As many of you know, we are down to one car. Sam’s old Cadillac needed too much work for what it was worth so we sold it. Now we just found out that Angie’s car needs almost $900.00 worth of brake work. Please pray that we will have wisdom about whether to fix it now or to wait until we get back.
  • Our family dog Marley: We’ve grown fond of our little fur ball and although we have some wonderful people lined up to care for him while we’re gone, we will miss him. Please pray for the kids especially as they will be saying goodbye to him tomorrow.
  • Moving: We are moving out of the place we have been renting. Although we have whittled the sheer quality of “stuff” we own down to a very small size, it is still a lot of work. Please pray that it will all go smoothly.
  • Outreach and beyond: In addition to our need for funds for outreach, we are also praying for God’s guidance in how we show his love to the people we are going to see. Also that, through our outreach and the people we meet on base he would give us vision for deeper, more long-term ministry.
  • Sending prayer: Our church, Terra Nova, is going to be praying over us tomorrow 12/28 during both morning services at Revolution Hall in Troy NY. Feel free to stop by and pray with the congregation!

Thank you all for your love, care and support as we step out in faith on this journey!

Sam, Angie, Will & Katie

One thought on “Down to the wire

  1. Did you fix Angie’s car, after all?

    Praying for wisdom regarding finances and car stuff, and the transition and anxiety and excitement as you head out.

    Love you all

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