An ever-expanding Gospel


Sometimes the things that God is doing are so inward that we cannot describe them with words. Sometimes God moves within us in such a way that we at the same time strengthened and in pain. Rendered useless are the ways in which we thought we could communicate; with touch, with reason, or even with an understanding of the world in which we live and the God we serve.

There are times when this is happening by force through circumstances we never asked for, and then sometimes it is happening in a setting like I find myself in here at the University of the Nations. Revelation comes and I think wow, this is why I am here. But before I have the chance to process that wonderful nugget that God has given me, another stronghold in my life comes down and I find myself in awe again.

In my limited human experience, this place is incredibly unique. Not being from a big city, I am not accustomed to the wide number of nationalities that dwell on my “block”. Being from the least christian city in America, I am also not accustomed to living in a situation where I need to go for a bit of a walk to speak with a non-christian.

I sit and listen to leaders from around the world. People like Steve Douglass, leader of CRU, Loren Cunningham, Landa Cope, and even some people I can’t tell you about because of the sensitivity of the people and governments where they live and work. But none of them are my real teachers.

It’s like there has been a Gospel Big-Bang and the universe that it occupies (which happens to be our universe) is expanding at a rapid rate. I am discovering new planets, Gospel planets! And the fullness of that Gospel is greater than it was before. Glory to God! May His name be forever praised throughout the nations!

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