Outreach fees


Here’s the low down on our outreach fees:

Payment schedule: A $500 non-refundable deposit was due on 1/30/15 for each of us for a deposit on our outreach plane tickets. We were able to meet this deadline! Thank you, Jesus!!

Due Friday 2/6/15 is $8000 ($2000 for each of us). We do NOT have all of this yet. We have about $2500.00 toward this so we need $5,500.00 by next Friday.

Due Thursday 3/5/15 is the remainder of our fees, $6,400.00

Would you consider helping sponsor a day of outreach for us? To cover plane fare, food, housing, transportation, translator, ministry, insurance and all other ground fees…it costs $83 a day for Sam and $83 a day for Angie. For the kids is is $53 a day for Will and $53 a day for Katie.

Whatever you can afford to get us fully funded for this outreach is SO HELPFUL!

We have added a 3rd funding option that goes directly to our student account here to the “How To Help” section here on our blog. You can also add to the memo line “ANONYMOUS” if you want to let your giving be kept a secret from us! We are WAY OKAY with this! Believing that in the end, it’ll be all glory to God anyway as you are investing in building the Kingdom of God through our work done unto Him!

Attached is a one minute clip that does such a succinct job of explaining YWAM clearly. Feel free to share this video and/or this blog post with friends, family, your local church, bowling league, PTA or down at the VFW hall. It’s all good 🙂

You are loved, friends!

Angie, Sam, Will & Katie

One thought on “Outreach fees

  1. Sam and Angie, I tried tonight to put through a $100.00 contribution directly to your account, but am not sure it went through. Can you let us know ASAP so if not we can try again? Wish we had millions for you, but God does! Our little bit will help! In fact, it’s part of His provision… Love you, s and k

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