He still heals the blind

“What gauge measures miracles?” -Conor Oberst

I have read about miracles. There are quite a number of them recorded in the Bible and a large number documented in countless other ways. I have read about them, scratched my head, and moved on. You see they just do not fit into my western, rational mind-set.

Turns out they never will. They were never meant to.

A few years ago I had a new idea for a New Year’s resolution. Instead of something I would do, I made my resolution one of attitude. My resolution was:

Expect Miracles.

That’s it! No need to go looking for them, no need to try and make something happen, just pray and expect things to happen.

Although I raised my expectations, miracles (defined as something that defies known physical laws) did not happen to my knowledge. Certainly even just that expectation changed my life in many ways, but that is another story.

So there I was, expecting miracles and not really seeing them. Angie and I prayed and we felt led, along with our two children, to commit to going on the mission field. We committed to YWAM for nearly 6 months.

As we attended the classes early on, went on outreaches, lived in an amazing international community, God added to my attitude a measure of faith. As we found ourselves around those who not only have faith for miracles but have seen them done my simple expectation grew into something better. My faith grew as my expectations grew. God was much bigger to me than he had been before.

Then it happened.

One of the guest speakers in our class was a healer and teacher who instructs on the gifts and manifestations Holy Spirit brings to believers. He spoke on inner healing and walking by the Spirit, not by the flesh. He came to class and God began to build on the budding faith he had already given me.

My neck was healed. I saw a woman’s leg lengthen. I SAW IT LENGTHEN. But, as if that was not enough for my “Thomas heart”, another miracle had already taken place.

Our instructor had visited our sister base, YWAM Ships, and there he met a little girl in Katie’s class. (She is 8 years old and wore glasses and had a very obvious eye problem. Later we learned that she was going blind in that one eye.) He had prayed for her eye. Her mother sent a message saying she was healed.


As if the Lord already knew of my continuing skepticism, he arranged for me to be around that afternoon when this precious, shy young 8 year old stood in front of a group of us families, without glasses, and told us that she could now see perfectly. She told us that God healed her.

So now here I am. Still a western rationalist, struggling to fit into the framework of my limited existence this work, these works, that do not fit and never will fit.

Maybe you’re like I was just a few months ago: a skeptic, a rationalist, an avoider of outrageous stories. I wouldn’t blame you. How could I? But consider this; You know me. I saw it.

Jesus is still in the miracle business. I am looking forward to India and the Middle East.

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