Timothy’s sister sat cross-legged next to the doorway, slowly rocking forward and back. Her face was expressionless as Guru, the local pastor, explained her situation.

“She is possessed. Since the mother died 13 years ago, she has gone downhill. She doesn’t have any control and doesn’t get up even to relieve herself,” he said.

As I listened and prayed while the pastor elaborated further, my heart could find no peace. The household felt dark; the walls seemed to close in on us even more than the small size of the room would suggest.

“She has been delivered in churches many times, only to come home and become ill all over again,” he went on.

“No wonder,” I thought silently as I continued to pray and intercede for this woman as well as for the team I was with.

As is customary, I hung back to allow the women on the team to minister to this woman. We were all hoping that we would see a dramatic change in her life. Who wouldn’t want to see someone set free from such chains?

I was praying for her and the household when Prakash pointed to her brothers crouched in the doorway to an adjacent room. “Go and pray for them,” he said, and I did.

I had to come to the end of the sofa and turn my body unnaturally in order to lay hands on them. As I prayed, I felt very little response from these two. Moved by the Holy Spirit, I called out for the bondage that existed in this home to be broken. I prayed that God would split the heavens and bring his kingdom to this tiny room. I didn’t know how he would do it, but I felt the urgency nonetheless.

Not seeing any change in the brothers, I got up and stepped backwards into the middle of the room. I called for them to come out of that doorway and join me so I could pray for them.

As they reluctantly joined me, and I pulled Prakash in to interpret for me, their other brother also eagerly joined us. I told them that their sister needed them. I said that in order for her to experience lasting freedom, she needed their home to be a place of peace. She needed her brothers to minister to her.

I began to share the Gospel. I told them of creation and the beautiful garden. I told them about the fall of man and the handing over of creation to the serpent. I brought them to the incarnation and God’s plan of salvation. I told them of the triumph of God at the cross and the even greater triumph of the resurrection.

The two who had been in the doorway were unmoved. Their arms were folded, and as I pressed them all to repent and be saved, I heard but one reply. The brother who had joined us, Timothy, said that he would like to receive Jesus.

After confirming with the other two that they were not interested, I was privileged to lead this man through prayers of repentance and acceptance of Jesus.

As we walked out of the room into the narrow alley and then out onto the main street that night, Timothy followed. I told him about one of the very first pastors, the pastor with whom he shares a name. Charging him to be a pastor in his home, I prayed over him that he would be a light to his family.

As we walked away, I realized that although the situation in that home was still difficult, God had answered my prayer. He had split the heavens, and he was building his kingdom in that dark place.

Please pray for Timothy and his family.

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