“and because he was of the same trade he stayed with them and worked, for they were tentmakers by trade.” Acts 18:3 While we are raising funds to go back out, Sam has taken a temporary job. He is working at Matchless Stove and Chimney, a business owned by Angie’s father. This will be covering […]

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Timothy’s sister sat cross-legged next to the doorway, slowly rocking forward and back. Her face was expressionless as Guru, the local pastor, explained her situation. “She is possessed. Since the mother died 13 years ago, she has gone downhill. She doesn’t have any control and doesn’t get up even to relieve herself,” he said. As I listened […]

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House Visits

His face was changed. As we left the neighborhood, I saw a new look in his eyes. God had come to rest in him, and he was bursting with joy. Our short visit would have long-term impact on his life and the life of his family. Suresh’s wife loves the Lord. She is praying daily and interceding […]

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The Heart of Haiti

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people” -Mahatma Gandhi Philipson Georges lives in Kona at the YWAM ships base with his wife Kelsea, but he dreams of his home, Haiti. He dreams of the city of Port au Prince becoming the beacon of hope for the nation that […]

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Outreach fees

Here’s the low down on our outreach fees: Payment schedule: A $500 non-refundable deposit was due on 1/30/15 for each of us for a deposit on our outreach plane tickets. We were able to meet this deadline! Thank you, Jesus!! Due Friday 2/6/15 is $8000 ($2000 for each of us). We do NOT have all […]

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Lava Tubes

This picture is of William visiting a lava tube on his school field trip. Lava tubes are long conduits that carry molten rock away from an eruption. They often exist far beneath the surface. There is a current in the world, running beneath the surface, where the Gospel is being taken to places you wouldn’t […]

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It’s official. It has been announced to the entire team (28 adults and 12 children) that we will be going to Israel AND India for outreach in April and May. One month in each country. Our family is excited about what we are embarking on! We’d like to thank everyone who has prayed, crafted, encouraged and […]

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The Fields Need Workers

I just left a parent-teachers conference with Will & Katie’s teachers and the other parents. Our children are settling in and they are in for a wonderful quarter! Again, the international flavor of this campus and its deep spiritual roots provide fertile soil in which to plant their young minds and hearts. We met the […]

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