Germany, The World Outside Our Hearts


“Germany” was the first word God gave her that day in the spiral-bound notebook she uses as a prayer journal.

We had just arrived in Kona HI. We hadn’t yet introduced Katie to our new friends the Campbells nor had we yet met the scores of Germans we would eventually meet on campus. In fact, Katie knew no one from this country in the heart of Europe.

There’s a world right outside our hearts. When we open the door Jesus can bring it right to us. We opened the door last year when we started praying as a family about what God was calling us to. Will and Katie really took to Mark Virkler’s teaching on Hearing the voice of God (Katie’s version of his steps is highlighted on his web page here, spelling errors and all!) We all began to hear about God’s calling of our family to train with YWAM.

So we knew not to dismiss Katie off-hand, but really, Germany?? I mean, Angie is half German. I took half of a year of German in H.S., but Germany? This was not likely.

Two and a half years ago I opened the door to God’s deep mystery when I made the simple New Year’s resolution to “expect miracles”. Faith was my only part. God was to do the rest.

He has.

We’ve seen healings, deliverance in our lives and others, conversions, and many impartations of the Spirit of God. We’ve been lifted up by family and close friends in prayer and support. We’ve been amazed at the kindness of strangers. And, most of all, we’ve been blessed by God to have been able to serve him is such beautiful ways.

Katie kept hearing Germany, and, slowly, the rest of us did too. Sometimes God speaks to us in our dreams. Sometimes in the way that he brings people into our lives. And, sometimes, he speaks directly as we pray and he stirs our hearts.

We’ve heard in every way, “Germany”.

The exact details of our departure for Germany are yet to be worked out. We are landing at JFK airport on Thursday June 11th and we’ll begin casting vision as God gives it to us and we’ll begin raising up a team for prayer and support for the long haul this promises to be.

Please keep us in your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Germany, The World Outside Our Hearts

  1. I have friends from seminary that are planning to go on mission in Germany to work with the Syrian refugees!

  2. yay yay yay! We just came back from there too and my brother and family are living there for the next two years. We should chat once you have some free time 🙂

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