“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
—Mark Twain

Parting with dear friends is never easy. As we prepare for Germany and parts unknown, we are finding ourselves in need of a home for our beloved dog.

Marley found us on Facebook through a mutual friend a little over two years ago. Angie went to pick him up at the animal clinic as a skeptical dog-lover and came back a true believer, with Marley on her lap.

Katie had been after us for a dog for years and felt very clearly that we were to have a golden retriever. I love goldens and had grown up around them throughout my childhood. However, since we had moved into a tiny place, I knew golden retrievers were just too big for us.

That’s what made Marley so special.

Not only did he fall into our laps virtually overnight, but he was a mini-golden to boot. At around 6 months old, he came to us full-sized at about 35 pounds.

Although he lacks papers, he is almost certainly half golden retriever and half cocker spaniel. Breeders sell these dogs as puppies for around $1500.00.

We would love it if one of our friends or acquaintances were to adopt Marley since it would be easier for us to see him when we are around. But we are open to all ideas as long as they involve a loving home for Marley.

He is very good with children. He is loving and loyal. He is very house-broken. And he is oh so handsome!

Please let us know if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in meeting Marley and possibly adopting him.

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