Eleven days …

Until we leave Albany behind and travel to Texas for Christmas with my brother and his family (and my Mom & Dad too!).

Eleven days later …

We leave my brother’s house in San Angelo to catch a plane to Kailua Kona Hawaii and begin preparations to staff a school this winter.

Eleven days later …

Students arrive and we begin the work of discipleship and multiplication.

Eleven Countries …

There are Fifty-one students from eleven different countries enrolled in our Crossroads this year … Fifty-one! It’s is twice the number that were in the school we attended just this past year. More than half of them are from countries other than the United States. Germany, Korea, Canada, and Great Britain … Norway, Finland, Nigeria and Niger … Netherlands and the Solomon Islands! They have come to learn about God’s heart for them and for the Nations.

Eleven days until we leave our home here in the Northeast to follow God’s call on our lives.

Pray for us! Send us notes of encouragement and let us know you are with us! Hold the ropes for us here by supporting us financially. And follow our blog, we’ll be posting more regularly as our roles shift into full-time formal ministry.


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