Called out of the depth

Totally dark and devoid of hope, I existed merely to exist. Although born to a family who loved me and born again into a faith that sustained me, I existed merely to exist.

Drugs had become my social identity as I desperately clung to friends who were, I thought, somehow impressed with my unlawful and unwise consumption. Devoid of any significant spiritual companionship, my faith was shriveled and my relationship with God was marginalized. I existed merely to exist.

I was in bondage. I was bound to my sin and caged within a dark world that was, seemingly, devoid of the presence of God. How could I ever expect to survive? What hope was there for something better?

Wounded, I learned to limp. If I could not walk a straight line, I would get to the finish line through the labyrinth offered even the most myopic of travelers. So I spent time in dead-end jobs and made superficial relationships and I ate, drank, and slept my way through prolonged adolescence.

Suddenly, on another seemingly wasted Sunday afternoon, love came in the form of a car-crash. And in the moments marked by the twisting of metal and plastic, as the crumple-zones crumpled and the airbag was about to throw its punch. Jesus appeared. He acffc0cab305cb66ac1ed6f12fa50f256etually appeared.


I knew Him immediately. He had been with me a
ll the while. The cataclysmic event that ushered in His appearance was suddenly the best thing that ever happened to me. And after the crash, as my best friend on earth shared with me the Gospel, I desperately told him “Yes, I know!”. I already knew because the God who had called me to Himself all those years ago had been with me the whole time! What joy filled our hearts!
I still walk in circles sometimes, but I am learning. And whenever it gets too dark, or I can’t seem to find my way to Jesus, I can call His name and He lights my way.

What is your story? Is Jesus working out of your sight? Is the darkness you’re in an illusion? Call on the One who would light your path directly to Himself. Call on the One who loves you and gives you all you need to live


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