An Update from the Mrs.

I love a good story, don’t you? Especially a true story that brags on God and turns my gaze to Him in wonder at how He takes good care of His kids.

Well, I’ve got a good story for you.

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard a doctor become quiet in an exam room. Been there. Done that. Totally got THAT T-shirt. (But that’s a story for another time.)

One minute we were chatting away about our family’s travels in a couple weeks, and the next minute her main reason for being in the room became clear.

“Lets just take a couple pictures, a quick biopsy and send it all to our lab.”

Earlier as I sat in the dermatologist’s office, I wondered why I was wasting my time with this appointment in the first place. There were a million details that needed attention. Having a small mole removed from my forehead, at this point in the game, was clearly the sign of a desperate woman procrastinating and avoiding all the true work on our “To Do Before Leaving Our Home and Becoming Another Missionary Family That Sends Out Prayer Cards As Christmas Cards List”.

I was honestly embarrassed just in making the appointment. The mark had been there as long as I could remember, and it didn’t concern me medically. Was I truly this vain about my personal appearance? Good grief.

It was the skin check that showed the doctor’s trained eye something suspicious. The mole I came in to have removed ended up being no big deal. It was the spot on my arm that quieted the doctor. That caused her to take out her iPad and take precautionary pictures of what she then biopsied for me. She called me later in the week to say it had come back melanoma.

But because God is sovereign, I got in the day before we launched to have the rest of the melanoma removed. Because God had a better plan, this was caught early and was over before we even knew it had begun. Because Father God answered the intercessory prayers of many prayer warriors I am here to tell this story of His faithfulness and goodness. Complete with 17 stitches (that were removed a few days ago) and a healthy 2-inch scar as proof of His goodness to me.

The day after tomorrow, 45 adults and 20 children are rolling into this place to begin the incredible experience of a Crossroads Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. They’ll be tired, travel weary and wondering if they’ve truly followed God into His very best plan for them. Sam and I felt this same way one year ago when we were in their shoes. Oh the stories we have to share with them of God’s faithfulness! Of His incredible provision! Of His remarkable love for them! Of His healing and honest-to-goodness miracles that still happen and they can expect Father God for in their own lives!

Share your stories. Especially when they brag on God’s faithfulness in your life. It’s great to share each other’s stories, because they build up our faith don’t they? But even more so are the stories we own because they’re first hand. They’re our stories that put God as the main character and place Him on center point.

Don’t have stories like this one? Like me, do you want more like this one I just shared? What a great place to start up a conversation with our Father God. Let’s all start talking to Him about this and expecting great things in return!

Photo collage description beginning at top left and going down: Prepping space for a staff meeting, Staff meeting in progress, Rallying the troops for campus beautification before the students arrive, Will & Katie filling the keiki (children’s) welcome bags in our dorm room.


6 thoughts on “An Update from the Mrs.

  1. Love your bragging about our faithful Father. Blessings, grace and stamina as you help the new students settle in and begin this adventure!

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