Mission: Possible


“Then he believed in the Lord; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness.” -Genesis 15:6

The sun rose on the new year five hours later here than it did back home in Albany NY. We are starting the year off pressing into the task before us. No long weekend, no New Years Day off, we are gathering with our fellow volunteers for staff training.

What are you planning for this year? Better, what are you asking God for? Is it stretching? What limits have you put on God? Can you believe, like Abraham, that God can do the impossible in your life?

In 2016, join us in expecting the impossible from God. Join us in seeking His face, His will for you, and for those that you love.

Dare to ask God what His calling is for you.

Dare to believe that He can give you what you lack.

Dare to take a leap of faith!

Let us know what He is calling you to and how we can pray for you!

2 thoughts on “Mission: Possible

  1. Possibility I may be in Berlin in Feb or March!!! Then on to Poland!! Dates not set yet! Wondering when you will be moving there… xo/cb ​

    “You cannot shake hands with a closed fist.” Golda Meir

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