Eine Nacht


Eine Nacht … One night in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. One night in Mosul, Damascus, and Aleppo. It isn’t so much to ask. One night of their mother’s own home cooking, of tea and conversation and familiar music won’t erase the horrors of the past. It won’t bring their homelands or even their homes back. But maybe it could be a glimmer of light in an otherwise bleak existence.

Although their safety is no longer in question, although their physical needs are met by caring caregivers and industrious caterers, the place these refugees call home, the one you see pictured here is nothing like home. These steel skeletons draped in cloth serve only as places to sleep and store some meager possessions. This makeshift village inside of an old gymnasium can shelter them from the elements. It can shelter them from the storms that rose in their homelands, but it will never truly be home.

One night at home. Our YWAM team is reaching out to this refugee camp in the Wedding neighborhood of Berlin with exercise programs and spa treatments. We are setting up games for the children and might even offer some language classes. But the thing that gets them most excited, the thing they look forward to and are clamoring about, is the chance to come to our base a few kilometers away and use our kitchen and ingredients to make their own food. To use our facility to play their own music. To have a night at home.

Next Friday, the 20th of May, we will host one of these nights. It will be a first for us, and it will be a first for them. Please pray that the light and hope of Jesus, the glorious promise of His kingdom, will shine on them on this day. Please pray that hearts will be renewed with hope, that dignity will begin to be restored, and that relationships will be formed.

Thank you to so many of you for partnering with us on this journey in prayer and with your financial support. Thank you to our amazing team who have worked diligently to open up this opportunity. And thank you Jesus for everything!

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