Only a Tree


“I am a tree, I am only a tree” my dear friend from Europe said as I complimented him on his art work.

Hanging from the branches he so deftly drew were fingerprints in lovely pastels. This unique fruit, born out of various struggles to survive on that same tree, blossomed before our eyes over the past few months.

As we move from lecture to outreach, some of the branches of this tree will grow distant from the others in places far flung from the tropical island where they all first met. In distant lands they will sow seeds together and plant the gospel.

Eventually this fruit will be harvested. They will leave the tree to be planted all over the world … seeds of the Kingdom full of light and truth and love.

I was one of them last year.

Now I am a branch on that tree, bearing, along with others, some of the ones the Lord sent to be planted this year.

Only a tree? Hardly.

What a privilege to carry the news of the Risen Savior to the Nations this Easter Sunday!

#beatree #Gospel #Jesus #Risen #Easter

One thought on “Only a Tree

  1. I would love to be there now going to India… I pray that the Lord bless your family in everything, journey, health, provision, place to stay ( in Germany). May Him give you wisdom and strenght. Love you all,

    Nely Shih


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