August Newsletter


Special Christmas ornaments, kid’s artwork, and well-loved cuddly toys; raincoats, winter clothes, and over-the-counter American medicines; hearts full of hope, bellies full of familiar foods, and support raised to hopeful levels … With suitcases stuffed with all of these treasures and more, we are headed back to Berlin.

Our Summer

Garage sale fundraisers, Skype calls with distant supporters, vision-casting over ice cream, and home visits are just a few of the ways we have been able to make connections with so many of you while we’ve been home. Thank you everyone for honoring us and loving us so well, we are humbled by your engaged and willing hearts! So many people we’ve met with, yet so many we missed, it is hard to say goodbye.

Heading Back

We land at Tegel Airport in Berlin next Tuesday at noon. We will be picked up by fellow base staff. Once we arrive we will set up temporary housing, where we will be sharing a bathroom and kitchen with transient guests from around the globe. Earnestly we will join the effort to rehab our modest apartment into livable condition! Please pray, we are coming up on two years since our family has had their own kitchen! The little things, right! 🙂

The kids will start attending German-speaking school less than 2 weeks after we arrive. We will need to go out and collect school supplies and purchase their text books. Pray that the jet-lag subsides quickly and for ease of navigating the city in search of the right pencils and notebooks without the requisite language skills!

We will begin: taking language lessons both in the refugee camps and in more formal settings, catching up with our friends at the refugee camps, meeting with the YWAM Berlin base staff to iron out our daily work load, applying for residency in Berlin. Please pray for grace and energy to get off on the right foot, and for us to have patience to work at a sustainable pace.


It has been a hot summer here in New York. It has also been a hot summer in Berlin. Most of our refugee friends are still living in cramped, difficult situations. Many are coming up on one year of living without any personal space. Many are coming up on one year of being jobless, and, seemingly, purposeless in their existence in Berlin. Please pray for them. Their physical needs are all met, yet they lack hope. Pray for new ways to brighten their days and new inroads for the Gospel.

Broader Vision

While we are involved in the refugee crisis, we are also coming on as YWAM Berlin base staff, which means pitching in wherever needed to keep things running smoothly. The base is working with ministries to the women caught up in Berlin’s sex trafficking problem, the homeless population of the city, and the general need for evangelism in every corner of life in the city. Please pray for the YWAM Berlin base to continue to grow into the vision which God has called it to.

Join Our Team

We need another $675/month to reach a break-even point on our modest monthly expenses. This is exactly the amount our rent and transportation costs add up to. With this in mind we are asking you all to pray about joining us by supporting our efforts financially and on a monthly basis.

Rent in $450.00/ month:

3 new supporters at $50.00 per month $150

5 new supporters at $30.00 per month $150

5 new supporters at $20.00 per month $100

5 new supporters at $10.00 per month $50

  Total : $450

Transportation $225/ Month

2 new supporters at $50.00 per month $100

5 new supporters at $25.00 per month $125

5 new supporters at $10.00 per month $50

  Total: $225

Last year, when we began asking people to pray about supporting us, we had a monthly income of $25.00 per month. Now we are over 70% of the way to break-even monthly! If you believe in what we are doing, if you share our vision of turning hearts to Jesus among the refugee population in Europe, if you want to have an impact on vital ministry in Berlin and beyond, would you pray about joining us? What may seem like a small amount to you, added up with the giving of others, can amount to a world of support to us!

All donations, whether one-time gifts or monthly, are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. To give, go here.

To find out more about what we do, go here.

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