Our Apartment

Living in a city of 3,500,000 people, space to live in can be hard to come by. Add on top of that the additional pressure of 100.000 new migrants in the last year, and you have a housing crisis in the making.

When we arrived here in Berlin back in May, we had planned to spend a significant amount of time looking for a place to live. But we ended up not needing to do that.

Base leader ,Tobi Pfarrkircher, was so gracious in inviting us not only to work with him and the rest of the staff here, but to live among them as well. “We have faith for this” he said regarding the daunting task of finding an apartment on the base.

As it turned out, his faith was well-founded and a place opened up. God is so good!

Due to mold problems and other factors, the base decided to take on the task of renovating the small 2 room apartment. Seizing the opportunity, I sketched out a plan to rearrange the layout, effectively turning a two room into a three room without losing any living space!

The task was huge, but with Tobi’s help, and with three great dudes named Nate, David and Zac,  we got the job done. Several people donated funds for us to buy a kitchen (in Germany, apartments don’t come with kitchens) and some other household items.

After much sweat, and several plumbing leaks and other snafus, we are finally in the apartment! My good friend Phil once said “never underestimate the cost of moving”, and boy was he right!

But our God is a good God, he has taken such good care of us! We are humbled by the way that He has provided for us and the way He has drawn us into what He is doing in this city! From the helping hands on the rehab, to the teams that open doors to ministry… from the generous hearts of our supporters, to the faithful prayers of our intercessors, we have much to be grateful for as we nestle into our little home in Berlin.

Here are some pics of our place:

One thought on “Our Apartment

  1. Hello, I am so glad for you guys. That is a awesome job you are doing with the refugees. God bless you in everything. Love you.

    Nely Shih

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