The Armstrong Family- A guest post

By Krystal Cochrane


We were recently visited by long time YWAMmer Krystal here in Berlin. Krystal is traveling Europe, visiting various YWAM bases to observe what they are doing about the refugee crisis. I asked her to share a bit about what she saw in her few days with us here at YWAM Berlin.

When we talk about God knowing each and every person, it’s easy to get the warm and fuzzies as we picture God thinking about us. Imagine being one person amongst the 3.5 million people living in Berlin, and just one of million refugees that fled to Germany in search for a safer, better future. And if you had never heard that in your life – that God knows when you sit and when you stand and how many hairs you have on your head – it would be pretty hard to discover this truth.

This is a truth that Sam, Angie, and the kids are incredibly gifted in communicating to the refugees they meet here in Berlin. I’ve seen them in action as they care for people practically and relationally and try to illustrate this truth by being the face of Jesus in Berlin.

Berlin has countless camps full of people hoping to start a new life in a place without conflict or corruption. Sam and the teams of young people that he leads into these camps, have favor with the workers and volunteers wherever they go. Because of this favor, it has opened the door for the them to share the gospel in real, tangible ways with the people around them.

Although it can be a tough place and progress can sometimes be slow, we have been seeing people discover more of Jesus through this family. 


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