IMG_3989Our teams are working in six refugee camps, four of them are what they call “Tempo-Homes”. These particular camps are a step in the right direction for so many of the families and single men that we try to minister to. But these shipping containers-cum-temporary homes lack character, their drab exteriors lack life.

17880413_10211796492883367_6894194922929018182_oOne of these camps, in Neukölln, recently began a work to improve the quality of life for their residents by planting gardens and grass in the open areas. It is quite a big undertaking, and several of our teams switched their days off to go and be a part of it.

IMG_3991They got to work alongside some of the very people they had been having tea with, the children they had been caring for, and the families they had been visiting from house to house. The refugees really want to contribute to the improvement of their lives, their communities, and the city they now call home. It is a cry for dignity and meaning in their lives, and if they are not employed in some way soon, this cry will fade as it has already for many.

IMG_4001.jpgWe don’t know for sure how long these temporary accommodations will remain, just as we don’t know how many more desperate people will undertake the harrowing journey to Europe. We aren’t sure how long it will take for these cultures to integrate and for the majority to come off of public assistance and find meaningful work.

IMG_3971We do know that God loves them, each and every one. We know that He would see them have life, and life abundantly. The Gospel springs forth and manifests in renewed lives and renewed communities. As agents of change, ambassadors for Christ, our teams get to partner with God in this restoration, always pointing to Him, and inviting others to do the same.

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