Running a refugee camp in the bureaucratic state of Germany is no small task. Doing so in Berlin just adds yet another layer of paperwork and endless meetings. Nat handles all of these pressures with aplomb.

When I first met her, I didn’t know she was a believer. In a city that has fewer Christians per capita than any other place I have lived (by far), why would I expect this? As I told her how we wanted to “bless” the muslim population of her camp and how we wouldn’t preach to them, but rather share who we are and what we believe out of relationship, she floored me by saying that I reminded her of a particular evangelist, Todd White!

It was then that I learned that she had been praying for help in her camp. That was many months ago. Since then we have brought at least 10 different teams to her camp. Skate boarders, family ministries, Korean dance troops, construction teams, landscaping crews and many others that were less specialized followed that meeting right into this residence of 220+ middle eastern refugees.

Many of the residents suffer severe depression and alcoholism. Although there are many families, the reality is that most are single young men. Without prospects for jobs, apartments, or even girlfriends their lives are difficult to say the least. They live in temporary shelters, leading temporary lives on a temporary status.

Nat knows the answer to their needs is Jesus. She puts herself on the line day in and day out, sharing the love of God, and often witnessing to the residents, something that really puts her at risk. But she can do nothing else. She is literally lit up by the fire of God, by the Holy Spirit.

She keeps sending us messages, telling us what a blessing our teams are, how thrilled she is that they come and bring the light of Jesus to the camp she is in charge of. But it is us who are blessed by her. We have worked in many camps, and alongside many leaders and social workers, but there is only one Nat!

Her camp is at a tipping point. There have been quite a few muslims that have now started to follow Jesus. We are now focusing, for a season, most of what we do in this one camp, praying for a breakthrough. Would you pray with us for this? 



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