Two Men, the Last Tea, and Jesus.

I could tell you about the huge meal we were served, all 18 of us.

I could tell you about the fun the kids had or the laughter all of us adults shared.

Or about the journey to get there, by train, by months and months of ministry, on the backs of team after team.

I could tell you a lot of things about tonight.

But the last tea of the night, maybe one of the last of this season in our lives with this fabulous family, this family we’ve known for quite a while, now that is something to tell you about.

Two men.

Both from Kurdistan. Both with deep Muslim roots. One a recent convert, the other a devout Muslim, overwhelmingly enthralled with Jesus and the love he sees in the followers of Jesus he meets all of the time in the refugee camp he lives in.


M-D got the ball rolling by letting us know he was a Christian. Having just met this man for the first time that day, I knew something was different about him. Now it made sense. He was nervous, sheepish. I listened as he carefully told me about his Christianity and the high price he paid for converting. His friend, my friend and our host Rashi, said “Christian… good!” I said, “you can be one of us, you can be a Christian!”

Then Rashi said he wanted to become a Christian.

With my broken German, I began to lead this man to the Lord. I told him about the death and resurrection of Christ. I told him about the need for a Savior, about how lost I was without God, how lost we all are.

And in the end, he almost came all the way to Jesus. But he is counting the cost, just as Jesus said we must. He sees the price his friend paid.

I didn’t even want the last cup of tea. I had a sudden meeting to go to and wanted to leave the camp. But it’s hard to say no to such hospitable people. “One last tea,” I said to Angie. Now I know this isn’t the last tea.

Rashi wants to be a Christian, but he is counting the cost. M-D still struggles with the price he paid.

Somehow I don’t think this was our last tea.

Pray for Rashi and M-D and their families. And pray for more harvesting opportunities.


2 thoughts on “Two Men, the Last Tea, and Jesus.

  1. I will be praying for them.How are you doing? Are you leaving Germany?Miss you guys. Nely Shih

    1. Hi Nely! Yes, we are continuing to follow and trust the Father into a new assignment in the U.S. Thank you for your prayers!
      Much love,

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