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Earlier in the evening, I received a text confirming that a family we had been sharing the Gospel with had accepted Christ.

I met this family along with the members of our last team. We had prayed for God to open a new door and had walked not even 10 feet in the refugee camp when this family invited us into their humble dwelling. We would learn that they were frustrated with Islam, and no wonder, they had paid a hefty price. The whole family had ended up in the water on their way to Greece, and they lost one girl under the water, never to see her again.

Walking the last leg home from church, I expressed to Angie how overwhelmed I am at what God has done. I realized that the supernatural awesomeness of Jesus and what He does had become a little too commonplace in my thinking, that my expectations were so high that I wasn’t taking time to marvel at what He has done!

I was excited when I got the news of their acceptance of Jesus, but as we strolled through the park it hit me… five years ago this would have seemed outrageous.

It would have seemed outrageous that we would be presenting the beauty of Jesus to Muslims and seeing whole families come to faith.

It would have seemed crazy to think that I would be sharing the Gospel in German to Peshmerga fighters, Yazidi, and Afghans all living on the same “street” in the camp where we serve most often.

It would seem like a distant dream to think that another man on this row who earlier was associated with ISIS would now be following Jesus.

But this is just what is happening. And the instances are too numerous to mention. When is it too soon to call it a revival? How wide-spread must it be?

Next week we have several meetings set up to introduce other longer term missionaries into what we are doing, and offering them our contacts. It is so hard to leave. But we know it’s what God is asking.

We are doubly excited about what God has in store for the Detroit Metro area, especially Hamtramck where we hope to have an impact. Five years ago we had just spent our 15th wedding anniversary in Hawaii, by the YWAM base where we would later get trained for missions. If God can do what He has done with us in the last five years, how much more will He do in the next?



2 thoughts on “#Revival

  1. So beautiful news… it is so wonderful what is happening among the muslins. May the Lord continue to open doors and hearts to receive Jesus. What is hefty, I am curious… How are the kids doing? Love you guys.

    Nely Shih

    1. Hi Nely, the children are doing well. Thank you for asking. The word ‘hefty’ in this context means ‘great’ or ‘heavy’. Bless you!

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