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Hey all, Sam here! We are in Albany, preparing our move to the Detroit area, and I thought I’d post a little over the next few days about what we are doing, what we will be doing, and first, what we have done already.

While looking to the future, and managing the present, putting some perspective on the recent past seems appropriate. This is probably not our last look-back, especially since we will be undergoing a debriefing time with our organization at the end of next month.

Anyhow, here it is 🙂

What we did in Berlin

  • Reached scores of Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Led dozens of outreach teams into refugee camps for ministry
  • Developed relationships with care providers, secular and Christian
  • Helped out at the local YWAM base
  • Taught English to refugees in a classroom setting
  • Led Bible studies with new and not-yet-believers
  • Helped other long-term missionaries get established in working with refugees

What we left behind in Berlin

The English class we took on has been handed over to a long-term missionary who lived near the location and was struggling to find effective ministry opportunities. We also left a Bible study in his hands. We spent a long period of transition helping him to establish himself and his family in that place.

In the refugee camps where we worked, we have helped establish a foothold for three different groups who will remain. One young lady who works with the YWAM base is now heading up a women’s ministry at one of the camps and has developed relationships with several families there. Another young lady has been credentialed for entrance into the camp and is ministering to families as well. And a pair of families with a home church is now working with many of the refugees we developed relationships with.

We continue to communicate with and encourage our refugee friends in Berlin via social media and texting. We hold them up in prayer and continue to connect teams going there with refugees who either need help or companionship.

Some of the Christian staff who work in the refugee camps still reach out for prayer and support from us. It is so hard to leave them behind, but we follow the Lord!

Frankly, even before we left Berlin, we lost track of many of those we helped. The refugee situation in Europe is fluid, and so is the population. Ultimately we leave it all to the Holy Spirit. We are not the Savior, only Jesus can fill that role. What an honor to serve Him in the field!

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